Céline selling plastic shopping bag for $590

One person’s trash is most certainly another’s treasure at Céline, as the French fashion house is selling a logo-stamped “shopper bag” for a staggering $590.

Featuring handle straps and “keep away from children” warnings in four languages, The New York Post reports the transparent bag first made headlines last year when it appeared on the Paris catwalk. The supermarket-like tote is now for sale at the Céline x Nordstrom pop-up in downtown Seattle through May 29.

“Céline can make anything chic,” fashion blogger Andrea Lubin wrote, sharing a photo of the bag filled with fruit and a wallet, evidently at a grocery store.

Meanwhile, one Twitter user didn’t quite agree, citing the bag as a “sign that the end is near.”

“Fashionistas are going crazy over this plastic Céline bag and I think it’s horrible,” @Myrnz added, sharing a photo of the tote out and about.

Believe it or not, this is not the first time that Nordstrom has stuck a sky-high price tag on a item otherwise known to be free — the fashion giant made headlines in 2016 for selling a leather-wrapped rock for $85. In similarly ridiculous sartorial news, Moschino made waves earlier this year for sending a $730 see-through dry-cleaning dress down the runway, hanger included.

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